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The hardest problem with software is distribution. App developers often spend more on distribution than they earn back. This problem is solved by the web platform. However, web apps have historically been less capable than native apps. With the advent of PWA’s, web apps have become just as capable as native, supporting features such as push notifications and Add to Home screen, without giving up the reach of the web.

Reduced friction for users is perhaps the top reason why PWAs will be more than a trend in the mobile experience. There is hardly any conflict between a customer discovering your company and accessing your PWA.

With a PWA, your customers need to only find your website through a Google search, and then they’re immediately launched into your PWA. No downloading, no waiting.

There’s also reduced user friction because they don’t need to worry about using additional data to download your app and they don’t need to delete your app when they require more storage on their phone. The complete experience is more natural and smoother for users, which is the main reason why we have developed the ORI PWA product.

When you launch a PWA in your browser, you get the full native app experience. The shell of the PWA looks like an application and mimics any gestures you might get in a customized native app.

PWAs can also manage customer information, online ordering, and loyalty programs.

You can also prompt a web user to save your PWA to their home screen as a shortcut, so they instantly access it whenever they want. You get the full native app functionality, including push notifications.

PWAs are incredibly reliable when it comes to their speed. Service workers, Java Scripts that run separately from the main web thread, enable your PWA to load nearly instantly, no matter how poor the connection.

PWAs by nature are very fast thanks to caching information in the browser and app. They have smooth animations, navigation, and scrolling to provide the illusion a user is in a native application.

Service workers use Cache and Fetch APIs to quickly load your PWA, meaning it spends less time trying to load content. These functions also allow users to load the PWA offline from the home screen.

Even if a user has no internet connection, your PWA can still send background updates and push notifications to the user.

Companies that have implemented PWAs have seen incredible returns on their investment regarding engagement and revenue. Maybe our ORI-PWA solution is a right fit for you, find out Request a demo.

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