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Website design

Manage content through the CMS system administrative interface.

We offer you integration of the three most popular CMS systems today: Wix, WordPress and Drupal.

Wix package | 72 euro/month
WordPress package | 90 euro/month
Drupal package | Request a quote

Wix logo WordPress logo Drupal logo

CMS website builder.


A popular commercial cloud web development platform ideal for business presentation.

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The most used business presentation system, it can be turned into an eCommerce solution.

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An advanced system ideal for institutions and corporations that need more flexibility, security and want to be available in more markets, languages.

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Page brochures

If you do not have the need to supplement the content and write articles often through the administrative interface, then a static website is the best choice for you.

Static websites are the most secure type of website and are easily and conveniently served through CDN services such as CloudFront.

Gatsby package | 18 euro/month

Gatsby JS logo

Gatsby JS is a modern, simple and reliable website.

Gatsby JS

Dynamic framework, PWA generator that allows us to quickly and efficiently create modern static websites.

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  Enough of slow websites

We offer you the installation and maintenance of a virtual private VPS server using a modern Cloud infrastructure.

Creating online stores

Place your products or services through a web shop, online store directly to consumers.

We offer the integration of the three most popular eCommerce solutions on the market today: the Shopify platform, the WooCommerce plugin for the WordPress system and specialized Magento sale system.

Shopify package | 144 euro/month
WooCommerce package | 171 euro/month
Magento package | 288 euro/month

Shopify logo WordPress logo Magento logo

eCommerce sales with a smile.


A popular commercial commerce cloud platform ideal for smaller brands and simpler stores.

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Commerce add-on for the most popular CMS system WordPress ideal for anyone who wants their own affordable solution and does not need the complexity of Magento.

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The best complete commerce solution for B2C and B2B sale.

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Business management system integration

Want to easily manage and organize your business from one always available place? Let's integrate the Odoo system.

Odoo allows you to track your business through a unique web interface in real time wherever you are.

Odoo is a set of quality business modules that complement each other perfectly and provide a unique experience.

Let's assemble the Odoo system tailored for your business needs Request a quote

Odoo logo

The Odoo system makes it easier to organize your business.


The best open source business system that comes with a multitude of applications that will enhance any business process.

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 Cheapest website

Using Gatsby JS, we create static websites, unique in the market, quickly ready for a successful presentation of your business without the need for regular maintenance. 

PWA technology|CDN hosting 

Reliable Cloud infrastructure

Why cloud? There is no maintenance of infrastructure, the possibility of expanding business in all directions at a predictable cost, greater efficiency, speed and safety.

From 9 euro/month

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Advanced, easy-to-maintain cloud infrastructure.

Cloud partners and services

Rely on a reliable infrastructure that will stabilize your business, speed up business processes and put you ahead of the competition.

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Best support 24/7

We provide complete administrative and technical support for all systems we work with.

You have a small team of developers and designers at your disposal who are ready to make adjustments as you desire and per specific needed.

Our multimedia editors can customize your video content and photos for publishing on social media channels so our marketing experts can skillfully create posts for all popular social networks.

Also, our many partners can do professional service of photography, digital printing and much more...

Administrator / Multimedia editor | 18 euro/hour
Technician / Marketing expert | 36 euro/hour
Programmer / Designer | 54 euro/hour

Advanced, easy-to-maintain cloud infrastructure.


A person who makes various entries through the system's administrative interface.

Multimedia editor

A person who customizes and processes received multimedia, video content, photos, and audio.


A person who works on the maintenance, installation and migration of systems and infrastructure.

Marketing expert

A person who can set up and optimize various social media campaigns for a client.


A person who will refine and recode the system according to the measure, specific needs and wishes of the client.


A person who will refine the design of the site to measure, specific needs and wishes of the client.

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