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What is Gatsby JS?

Gatsby is a React-based framework that allows developers to quickly create static web pages.

Forget complex systems with databases and servers as well as their expensive, time-consuming setup and maintenance costs. Gatsby builds your site as "static" files that can be easily served from a dozen CDN services.

Gatsby websites are simply the fastest and cannot be compared to bulky CMS systems that serve content dynamically. Instead of waiting for pages to be generated when they are required, Gatsby pre-composes the pages and serves them through a CDN server - your page will be ready and served immediately.

Learn more visit gatsbyjs.org.

The most popular static generator
3+ years of active development
0.2% market share
7,000+ professionals are actively working on development
2200+ third party plugins
Open source, free to use

Features of Gatsby JS generator

  • Retrieve data from any source

  • SEO customized

  • It works through CDN services

  • High performance

  • Progressive web application, PWA

  • The most affordable hosting and maintenance

  • Great freedom

  • Modern technology React.js, GraphQL and Webpack

Who is Gatsby JS for?

There are two types of Gatsby generator users.

The first type of users are all those who need something simple, fast and reliable to present their business and do not want to add content on their own, do not care about administrative interfaces and regular maintenance, they want to pay once and occasionally remember to have a website where something needs to be updated.

Another type of user is one who has trouble scaling their website due to the amount of content and high traffic such as newspaper portals. Such clients are looking for a solution that will efficiently convert their content, often stored in a CMS system, to static in order to serve it easily, quickly and reliably via CDN service to visitors without downtime.

Let's start your story

Let's create a quality static progressive website on the Gatsby JS framework that will present your business for a long time and without worries.

For Gatsby JS, we recommend a CDN distribution specifically optimized for the safest and fastest operation with unlimited space to grow and expand your business.

We want to provide you with a complete design service and the best infrastructure for the selected solution. All you have to do is tell us your wishes, needs and we are on it.

  Custom design

  Cloud infrastructure


Gatsby package | 18 euro/month


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