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What is WordPress?

WordPess is a CMS system that runs over 30% of websites in the world and is open source, which means that it is completely free to use. In short, WordPress offers a modern interface that allows you to easily publish content without the need for code and programming knowledge.

It is important to emphasize that today WordPress is the most used system for creating websites. WordPress is also one of the simplest CMS systems which means it is not difficult to find WordPress experts.

Behind the WordPress system stands a large community that maintains a multitude of add-ons that can extend the functionality of the system and meet the needs of most.

Learn more visit wordpress.org | wikipedija.org

The most popular CMS on the market
15+ years of active development
60% market share
5,000+ professionals are actively working on development
50,000+ third party plugins
Open source, free to use

WordPress system features

  • Customizable design

  • SEO optimised

  • Responsive design and preparation for mobile devices

  • High performance

  • Management on the move

  • High security

  • Powerful content management

  • Simple and affordable

Who is WordPress for?

For anyone who needs to quickly create a beautiful website with the ability to publish news, wants to present products and services, collect data through forms or need a simple store.

Also, WordPress is the system that is the easiest to maintain and operate and provides access to a large community that is always there and quickly eliminates any problems that may come down at no cost to you.

In short, WordPress is an ideal system for anyone looking for a simple and affordable solution for presenting business and marketing products and services over the Internet.

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Let's create a quality WordPress portal and design it to your needs using the most modern website builder Divi.

At ORI, we recommend a Cloud infrastructure and a virtual private server specifically optimized for the most secure and fastest operation with unlimited space for business growth and expansion. Assigned resources are used only by you, there is no sharing with others.

We want to provide you with a complete service from regular technical maintenance, infrastructure to system administration. All you have to do is tell us your wishes, needs and we are on it.

  Custom design

  Cloud infrastructure



WordPress package | 90 euro/month

WooCommerce package | 171 euro/month


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