ORI PWA is a modern, high quality product, a website and mobile application. It will meet the needs of most businesses in search of their digital identity.

We have taken special care to include everything you need in our product. Reduce your headaches both during production and regular maintenance.

Our PWA can pull data from anywhere, custom RESTfull API, WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Contentful, XML, JSON, spreadsheets and more. Then, we can organize, display and process pulled data per your liking.

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In order to provide an exceptional customer experience and low priced fast-development of ORI PWA products, we have only used the best, verified, modern and proven technologies without reinventing the wheel:

Gatsby JS | React JS | Bootstrap | AWS

Benefits of ORI PWA product

Modern and responsive design

Our design is based on Bootstrap elements that look great on all screens and devices. Bootstrap is the result of many years of work and is the most used design frame. Do not worry, we know that everyone wants their unique design so we offer up to 22 unique Bootstrap themes where each brings its unique combination of typography. After selecting the theme, we will further adapt it to your needs changing color palette and fonts per your choice. So we can say that the final result is your unique design that looks great and works on every device.

SEO optimized

When developing websites and applications, SEO is often marginalized because of cost reductions leading to a large loss of traffic and profit. ORI PWA is designed withe best SEO practices in mind and includes all the necessary optimizations, which results in 100% results on Google tests.

GDPR optimized

Adapting existing systems to GDPR is a major challenge, so the ORI PWA application from the very beginning has been designed to meet all the requirements and give users maximum security without compromise.

Easy hosting

For you, we've chosen the best solution Amplify offered by giant Amazon Web Services. It is characterized by simplicity, safety and speed. They will serve your new PWA application through the global CDN network with high redundancy and local coverage with a limitless scaling capacity so you can serve all your visitors easy. ORI PWA will also work on any other hosting provider but why not chose the best that market offers, and that is AWS Amplify.

No maintenance

ORI PWA as a final product is a set of HTML, CSS and JS files and requires no maintenance. You can choose to newer update it. ORI PWA will work as long as browsers supports underline technology and that will be for aegis because HTML, CSS and JS files are at the core of modern browser technologies.

Works without internet connection

Our product is PWA or Progressive Web Application and that is great because once whole app is loaded, for less then 2 secunds on 3G network, it will run even without internet connection. It's because we relay on current modern technologies to bring greater value to your business. Be ahead of your competition.

Works with all data

Our PWA can pull data from anywhere, custom RESTfull API, WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Contentful, XML, JSON, spreadsheets and more. Then, we can organize, display and process pulled data per your liking.

What is PWA?

Progressive web applications, abbreviated PWA, create a user experience comparable to native mobile applications, and they are characterized by:

  • Reliability - fast load and never displayed symbol of a disruption, even in conditions of unstable connections.
  • Speed - rapidly respond to user interaction, showing smooth animations and display quality while user moves throughout the app.
  • The attraction - provide a natural feel of the application on the device with a complete user experience.

When a user visits your website for the first time, it remains stored in the memory and is loaded quickly after new visit either from the internet browser or from the user's cellphone display.

You get immediate response and reliable experience for users. Also, the application retrieves automatically, depending on network conditions, the resources of the following pages that are not in memory or need to be refilled. All this takes place in the background automatically as the user enjoys the speed of your new website.


More than 50% of users will leave your website if its initial download lasts longer than 3 seconds! After initial loading, they do not want any more trouble and they expect a smooth and fast interface experience.

The ORI PWA application is optimized to the extent that the user can start using it after only 300ms. This is the speed that will definitely delight your users.


The attractiveness of the PWA lies in the control it offers, which was not here a few years ago and required the creation of native applications. Today PWA applications can set up on a user's cell phone display, tablets, computers where they can work as native. This means that the user does not see the URL bar, like in the browser experience, because PWA application uses the entire screen of the device.

When a user places your PWA up on his screen, it can work in the background so you can easily notify him about business news and opportunities via device push notification.

Complete web solution
from 539 euro

Exempt of VAT on the basis of Article 90 of the Croatian VAT Act - Reverse charge.

Modern technology development

A design that adapts to the device

Works even without internet, PWA

Fast production

No contract

No maintenance costs

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